Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation Charity Dinner

Friday October 28 saw Middlesbrough Town Hall play host to 300 guests from successful businesses from all over the North East, to celebrate 100 years of the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge.

This special centenary dinner was held in aid of Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation. An auction of unique and remarkable items played a key part in the fundraising for this spectacularly worthwhile cause. The most prestigious item, generously gifted to the Foundation, was a Mackenzie Thorpe original entitled “Lady of the North”, a beautiful piece that aptly captures the Transporter Bridge in Lowry-esque style. This alone fetched £15,000 on the night and contributed to the nights overall taking, which finished in excess of £41,500 for the charity.

As partner patrons to the charity 90SecondStory™ were invited to attend and were delighted at the positive response for the films they created, to tell the tales of how the Foundation has begun it’s great work, of making change and benefiting lives on Teeesside. These films can be seen here on the blog article: 5 Key Points to Make Video Work for Charities

Both my wife Elizabeth and I went and had a fantastically uplifting and fun evening!