Middlesbrough Mayoral Referendum

When we found out that Middlesbrough Council were holding a referendum, Thursday 26 September, to decide whether they should be led by a mayor elected by the town’s people, or, a councillor selected by a group of councillors, we were surprised to hear that this was being posited as a serious proposal.

We’re aware that Andy Preston, Chair of Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation, has already expressed his intent on running for the mayoral position; should the post still exist after this referendum. We make no secret of our believing that he would do a great job and act in the best interests of the town and it’s people.

We feel strongly that the people of Middlesbrough should have the right to choose their leaders and not have that right removed, especially due to a lack of awareness of a referendum that will decide so much.

So, as a public service, we’ve produced a short video that outlines what is at stake and the outcome we hope will be achieved by Middlesbrough residents becoming aware and voting, to keep the elected mayoral system as it stands.

Andy starts the video and is followed by ordinary people who either live, or, work in Middlesbrough, or both. Hopefully the message is clear and then, as it should be with all important decisions in the democratic process, the choice is up to YOU!