RPMI Pensions Films

Note to selves: maintain the blog!

With that out the way we thought we’d keep you up to speed with what we’ve been up to more recently than November 2011!

We’ve been involved in the full production of a suite of films for RPMI, pensions administrators.

10 films in total, one flagship film for their campaign and 9 shorter informational types to follow.

We scouted locations and we’re pleased to come across, right on our North East doorstep, Lingfield Warehouses, at Lingfield Point in Darlington. It’s a cool set up, as is over there, with FAT branded signage but the warehouse space was epic to say the least.

We scoped out three potential sites there and finalised on the third one, a vacant factory space with fantastic light and not covered in pigeon guano like one of the previous two were (perfect urban decay backdrop for a music video and will revisit for sure.)

For casting we used London’s Byron’s Management and they came up trumps with Jamie Laird, who slotted the shoot in between working comedy and Shakespeare.

Owing to the heavy use of motion graphics (2D text in 3D space) in these videos, a full storyboard was required to ensure all aspects of the shoot were properly pre-visiualised.

In the mean time enjoy some pics of the locations scouted.