Say It With Video

We think Dr. James McQuivey said it best: “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!” (Forrester, 2009). With this in mind we’ve developed 6 sure-fire strategies to help your business say everything you need to with video online:

Tell Your Story

The Promo is the keynote promotional overview of your company, products and services. The perfect way to set out your stall and tell your story in a compelling, engaging and conveniently consumable way.

Let the Work Speak For Itself

The Case Study is a video document detailing particular product or service successes. Satisfied customers singing your praises works so much better than a solo from the sales staff! So let the work speak for itself with potent testimony from customers who really value it.

Show Them How It Works and They’ll Want It!

The Product Demo video allows features and benefits of products to be demonstrated. Customers are not left in any doubt as to how this product applies to them and how it works. Perfect for educating the desires of customers, who after ‘seeing it work‘ want it for themselves.

Be the Expert in Your Field

The Thought Leader is a subject/sector specific expert insight piece that shares or teaches principles. Thought leadership videos position your business as a benevolent bestower of all things beneficial to your specific industry sector. Great for winning hearts and minds and goes a long way in augmenting your brand position as experts in your field.

You’re the Problem Solver!

The How-To-Guide is a short instructional guide that gives practical advice. Position yourself as the problem solver that speaks directly to the pain of your customers, akin to the Thought Leader in the sense that you share secrets in a educative step by step way with your target market.

The Show Must Go On: Video!

The Event video comprises highlighted coverage of significant events organised by your business. Position yourselves as the host with the most, when you showcase events that have been of real benefit to your clients. The Event video is almost like the beautiful child of the Case Study and the Thought Leader combined!