What It Costs

We see 90SecondStory™ as a product and our costing reflects that.

No hidden charges, no old ambiguous day-rate production model, just a set rate for everything that comprises your film.

Our base price is £2,500 (ex VAT) per 90SecondStory™*, providing it can be acquired in one regional location and all shooting can be completed on the same day. Up to four interviews can be acquired and subsequent augmenting elements, basic branding, titling and sound track are included.

Special bespoke considerations such as time-lapse of key locations and activities are £500 per element and are added to the film base cost.

Motion graphics and branding animations are an initial £1,000 set up cost and then charged at £500 per subsequent film.

If you have more to say when articulating your specific products and services, don’t commission longer videos, simply get more! And as with all great products, get more pay less!

1 x Film £2,500

3 x Films £7,000

5 x Films £10,000

For greater volumes than those outlined above please get in touch.

*(expenses are chargeable to clients in addition to the cost of 90SecondStory™ projects)

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